Pia Ravenari
Pia Ravenari

About Me

Pia Ravenari is a narrative and spiritual artist influenced by the bold line of art nouveau, who works primarily in ink, pencils and pastels. She is an animist, a shamanist, and utilises this, along with her experience of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder to find narratives and global archetypes to express in the personal symbolism of her work. Her totem work is highly desired, featuring a uniquely developed style that synthesises bold colour and symbol. Eschewing the homogenisation of landscape, Pia Ravenari prefers the unusual over the classical, the khaki scrub over the emerald forest.



2008: DIY Totemism - Lupa
2010: Engaging the Spirit World - ed. Lupa
2012: Prickle Moon - Juliet Marillier


2009/2010: Goodwill @ The Gallery @ Ellenbrook
April 2011: Future Imperfect @ The Hyatt, Perth
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